Alex G, Done gone and did it

I see alot of art. I love seeing whats going on. Sometimes you see work and you think fuck me thats horrible, get it away from me. But, sometimes you see work and you say "jesus fucking christ get out of the way, thats fucking sick, why didn't i think of that?!" thats kind of how i felt about the work of Alex G. His new show just opened called "DO YOU AGREE?" @ MT. MELVIL, CULVER CITY, looks amazing. Faceless figures, perfectly rendered in strange situations makes for surprisingly relatable artwork that creates a little world of its own. also I like his outlook.

"My work is figurative and heavily drawn from personal experience but is created without any intent to communicate specifics. Rather than explicitly illustrating distinct moments/people in life, I try to capture the mood and feeling they can carry. The figures have no identity beyond sex. The environments have no context or representation of actual places. Tertiary elements are limited to plants. The aim is to allow a scene, in which the viewers could project their own characters and plot line.” – Alex G

Solid words mate. all the best