Tom Ferson, a loaded gun pointed directly between the eyes of the art world

In all seriousness, I have not ever been so overwhelmed with a feeling of "thank god someone in our generation is making exceptional work" and "my god i want his powers, perhaps if i sacrifice him to the art gods and wear his toes around my neck I will be able to sport 1 tenth of his skill" at the same time. Tom is an artist with the balance down pat (whos pat? fuck it, doesn't matter). Tom has that blend of conceptually powerful work, an interesting and unique process, a strong visual style / aesthetic and finally being a genuine dude. I have no idea why he hasn't been swept into the commercial gallery / auction world because once they find this guy people wont be able to get enough. Thats why hes a loaded gun, thats why if you havent purchased any of his work now you will be kicking yourself for the rest of your dull "Ferson-less" life.

*Enjoy the following visual orgy of awesome art responsibly