A love affair with self loathing and destruction

It's an interesting thought, is creativity linked with mental illness? studies over the last few years have suggested yes. It would seem that the same neuro-plasticity that contributes to interesting perspectives (supposed original thought) has a side effect of the brain not being able to protect itself from its own thought functions of existential crisis / depression / psychosis / insert mental problem here. An interesting idea that totally does not mean that if you have a metal illness you are somehow an artist. Statistically and logically speaking you are not. 

How do I explain this without hurting your feelings? Well it comes down to a fallacy of correlation and causality. Just because your struggle with depression seems to run in parallel to your dreams of becoming an artist it doesn't mean that one causes the other. Its true there are plenty of examples about how people use art as therapy and studies to suggest great results within that but try to think of it this way. You are struggling with a mental illness, its suggested to you by a friend that you exercise to stimulate endorphins, it would be illogical to assume that after a few times out jogging you have a "natural talent" as a marathon runner.  

anyway where is this going jamie, you totally killed my vibe by suggesting that the click bait article i read earlier may have sensationalised something that rubbed my ego in a soothing circular motion. Well, has this gone full circle? Has culture forced this idea of the troubled artist down the throats of generations post 60's (in western culture) that now it is somehow a pre requisite to getting in a gallery. Do you need to have a sad story about riding the white pony in the 90's to have the commercial art world let you in the door? Is it now just as crucial as cigarettes, long blacks and brief stage of wearing interesting hats to becoming a real artist? Nigel Milsom recently won an art prize of 150 000 dollars in Australia from prison. Why was he in prison? Because when he previously won an art prize of 10 000 dollars he went on a 4 day ice bender and robbed a connivence store. This how ever is inconvenient to what ever point im slowing waving my arms around (saying "not touching you!") because Nigel is in fact a fantastic artist. 

Basically this argument is about looking at things retrospectively. you need to make it as an artist first before you can turn around and thank your mental illness for all the highs and lows to draw inspiration from.

to suggest otherwise Rowland would be rolling in his grave.

predisposition for creative abilities and mood disorder -> development of creative abilities along with adverse life events growing up-> drug addiction -> fame -> added stress -> major adverse life event -> overdose -> death

enjoy your long black