limited edition a collaboration of (insert dumb name) x (insert other dumb name) the rise of the artist brand

This post is about art becoming a brand.

What am I even doing here? 

wait, scratch that

if I break the forth wall and talk directly to my readership (its a very important kind of boat to me) does that make my audience feel like i am some how present in the situation of them reading this blog?

start again (revised)

What are you even doing here?

essentially you have come to the void of everything that makes up those things that i do not say when i see other artists work. Yeah I'm talkin to you (see what I did there) 

That includes many things, perhaps on the scale of, your work is to art what shirades is to dissociative identity disorder, all the way to. Good god, get out of the way, i need to harvest this particular artists genetic material and store it cryogenically so that future generations will have the chance enjoy the art-gasmic feeling i just had seeing their work. 

This Particular entry is perhaps setting up its intellectual tent more on the side of cynicism. Dont get me wrong, I know how much cynics can destroy our society by squashing the bright eyed, bushy tailed ideas of some and viciously logging the gigantic poppys that populate this alien art landscape . But after recently attending a 12 step program (cynics anonymous) I feel i am in a better position than ever to discuss ART AS BRAND. 

In a nutshell, just because from the 8 months ago you started, you produce work that bears an aesthetic similarity, just because you take that work and jam it down my throat confidently telling me its your style & the way you see the world, just because your mates attempt at a streetwear/fashion label wants to iron the image you just posted on instagram onto fluro pink hoodies from lowes... It does not make you an artist. 

There is so much danger for artists in a world that makes it so easy to market yourself. To confidently prance into the world of social media and claim that the particular creative pass-time you have been experimenting with is the be all and end all of your practice is premature at best.

How do I have the audacity to possibly suggest that another artists work on facebook is the abortion their sketch book should have had? Well because, many times I have been that artist. Staring back at the work I have put out into the world before and even possibly now is nothing but a reflection of my own arrogance coupled with a naive over excitement that has landed me in hot water plenty of times. A good example of this was when I attempted to get a studio space at a well respected art collective in sydney. I knew some of the people in the space and even had them routing for me to get it but when push came to shove it was the opinion of one particularly head strong artist in the collective that stopped me getting that space. Why? because unlike the friends of mine in the space who were up to date with the work I had been doing of late this artist was unfamiliar and only knew of a few pieces of absolute shit i had let fly into the world years before hand. Now at the time (as for possibly now) I had no idea about the absolute remorse i would look at these pieces with only a few years later. But now not only was my name essentially strapped to the back of these hovering turds, it was now hindering my progression into new and more exciting spaces both figuratively and literally.  This was bad, it made me feel bad, it made me feel like i slapped on the sticker claiming "THIS IS ART" a little too early. But whats worse than that? It's not accepting your failures and sticking by that dumb aesthetic that is essentially the musky aroma dwelling from the first bit of drawing and colouring that your friend at school said "hey bro that's radical" ( I dont know how kids speak nowadays ) . 

The argument is that this is your individual voice. but that argument holds about as firm as the skin that elegantly drapes iggy pops body. Its true, stylistic similarities develop in the work of any artist but it should be after years of working. to claim you have found that voice to early is doing a disservice not to this cynic ranting on a blog to themselves, but rather to your self. dont confine your self to a window, a framework or an aesthetic forever because you are scared people wont like your newer work. and if you do have a framework never be scared to kick it in the balls and call it a nazi, dont let it control you. 

I have done works for money that I regret, I have tried to apply an aesthetic to a piece because i was to scared to venture out from there and waist time that was ironically not important in the first place but was considered by myself to be. Like ARYZ said, "you are not here to entertain anyone" that sentiment is one that you should always carry, not everyone will like your work but if there is one thing you can do its make work that you like. now here Egon Schiele, I feel this is as fresh today as when it was made, it didnt follow trends, it stood the testicles of time, it may have even fondled the true essence of creativity.